The World of Fashion in 2021

The world of fashion, with its ever-changing but mesmerizing uniqueness in every era is a marvel of human civilization. Fashion has evolved through centuries of social and cultural changes across the globe. But, regardless of all the changes it has gone through, the modern-day fashion is just as glorious as it was in the past eras. Though no-one can ever outdo Marie-Antoinette’s famous pouf sailing ship and neoclassical dresses, our designers are exceedingly creative when it comes to clothing. Their finesse can be seen every year in the fashion shows designated to their high-end dresses. This year, fashion has seen many new trends. Let’s take a look at the world of fashion in 2021. Designs With so many acclaimed designers in our modern times, designer clothing is at its peak. With the on-going Covid pandemic, and its resultant work-from-home routine, fashion has taken a turn in a different direction. But, instead of letting the pandemic hold the world of fashion back, designers and brands improvised and came up with fashion trends that cater to the needs of pandemic-stricken people. Not just lose-fitting dresses, bralettes, and oversized coats, but face masks and Louis Vuitton’s face shield also became a fashion trend this year. Fashion Weeks Though the fashion world has been quieter this year, it was vibrant in its own way. With the pandemic restrictions in place, the showings mostly took place via digital showcases, livestreams, and fashion films. Of the four prominent fashion capitals, London and New York had their Fashion Weeks via these digital means, whereas, Milan and Paris went with Covid-secure presentations and showings. With the shift in the traditional way of modeling, models took to being their own studios this year. In the absence of the usual team of photographers, videographers, and magazine editors, the brands sent clothing directly to models to do their own photo-shoots and use social media and other digital spaces to promote them. Clothing As the world of fashion had a shift, so did the dresses that are considered fashionable. Since most of the daily routine consisted of Zoom meetings and other such digital conferences, the focus of fashion turned on tops. Blouses, jumpers, tanks, tops, and tees have become more thrilling as designers have become more focused on necklines, sleeves, and intricate details. With fashion starting from the waist up, second-skin tops, big-sleeve blouses, and backless jumpers have been the trending styles in blouses. That was all about fashion in 2021. If you are looking to keep up with the latest fashion trends, here’s our advice: experiment with sizes, use sorbet pastel tones to give your blouses a classy, high-end spin along with your go-to jeans, and give folk-inspired coats a try to see if it suits your styling. You can also pair your outfit with a black mask to accentuate the overall look while also rocking the protection gear. Hopefully, this article will help you revamp your wardrobe this year and get that sassy style going. See ya! South Beach Boutique

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